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Monetize your Traffic with Facebook Advertisement

This is a detailed comparison between Affiliate marketing and Google Adsense

  • I wanna make myself very clear here!

I guess you’d know by now that I am not Neil Patel the Facebook ads GURU but nonetheless, I will teach you what and all I know about Facebook ads traffic for a website.

Wouldn’t I?

Now let’s get started.

Now you must know the nature of Facebook traffic to websites or Facebook visitors to websites as they do not work well for a CPC based ad network on websites but they are good for a CPM based ad network once the traffic is from a good region.

If you wondered why we said the above, here it is below the fold;

Facebook targeted traffic tend to suffer from ad blindness

  • They are not ad network incentivized

These two reasons are why we spoke about it as good for a CPM based ad network which doesn’t require visitors clicking on ads as you can monetize through impressions.

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Several Facebook targeted traffic users do complain on seriously low CTR on their Adsense ads and this isn’t a good thing.

We have taken a detailed analysis to explain what kind of website content should require Facebook traffic and which should not require it.

Isn’t it a myth that huge traffic websites which talk about search engine lovely topics and tutorials never make use of Google Adsense but still they generate a huge income through their website.

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Speaking of such websites we mean websites like;

  • And of course

This is because these above stated blogs/websites leverage the good and only good aspect of Facebook targeted traffic for website monetization.


This is simply focused on;

  • Direct marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Tutorials
  • Paid writings
  • Direct advertising

These are simply why you must or should use Facebook ads traffic in your website without Adsense ads.

Since I believe you have had yourself an insight into Facebook ad traffic for a website, then I suppose we should go to the business of today.

What should you use Facebook targeted to monetize in your website

In a general term, we have two distinct ways to monetize a website which are;

  • Google Adsense (Or any other display ad network in a website)
  • Affiliate marketing (Direct ads, self-advertising, service offering, sponsored links, leads and sales generation are grouped under this to explain everything in a nutshell).

Let us now explore these above-stated monetization programs and how they do affect a website earnings through Adsense or affiliate.

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Mind if we started with Google Adsense?

Google Adsense (Or any other display advertising)

Reported by Neil Patel;

“Facebook visitors or traffic is designated with ad blindness and as such, they do not always click on Adsense ads in a website”.

Judging from this, Facebook targeted traffic is difficult to use while trying to monetize a website with Google Adsense considering the visitors don’t click on ads or even if they did their CTR (Click through Rate) is quite low.

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Note: Facebook targeted traffic can be used to monetize a website with a CPM (Cost per mile) ad network since no click is required on the ads.

Websites with basically Facebook targeted traffic does not make enough money but can equally generate good revenue through CPM ad networks like propeller ads.

It took me quite a long time to learn this but I finally did and guess what?

I equally know what exactly Facebook targeted traffic is used for when it comes to website monetization.

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We will share it below.

For what is worth, bloggers who used to boost their articles on Facebook can understand what I mean by this.

Notwithstanding, this is not to say that you cannot generally make some cool money through Facebook targeted traffic on an Adsense monetized blog/website. In some situation, some random clicks can occur and you’ll make some good money with it but these clicks were never targeted and may not turn into sales for the Adsense advertiser.

In essence, this is to affirm that generally, Facebook targeted traffic can be used for a website with Adsense but will never do well to generate much revenue than other paid targeted traffic sources.


Let us look at the second option which is the basic idea with Facebook targeted traffic and let you see how it really works for bloggers and sellers.

Affiliate marketing

Yeah, I just said affiliate marketing here and this is the best I must tell you.

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A quick brainwave;

Have you ever wondered what some websites like


Use the huge web traffic they generate to do on their websites?

I mean how they monetize their huge traffic considering the fact that they do not use Google Adsense but they seem pretty good at what they do and they seriously make the money.

Well, this is simple.

They use Facebook targeted traffic the right way.

Facebook targeted traffic should be used for one reason only.


Sales generation on websites.

When I am speaking of sales generation, it can constitute any of the following: Direct ads, self-advertising, service offering, sponsored links, leads, and sales generation in a website.

In these terms, you can direct a specific traffic that will be interested in a particular product in your website and you can make many sales as it is that people visiting the page are interested in what you’re selling.

This is what Facebook targeted traffic is based on:

Facebook itself will tell you that they will generate sales, leads, signups and conversions for your website and not specifically stating about clicks to ads in your website and with this, you can deduce from Facebook facts what Facebook really offers through their own specified information in their own platform.

Trying to bring in Facebook targeted traffic to your website the wrong way can give a hand in burning a hole in your wallet and make your budget go down the drain.

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Wrap up

The reason I am writing this is to specifically state why Google Adsense Ads don’t get clicked by Facebook targeted traffic and this is because Google Adsense ads always vary so you cannot bring in any particular visitor for the ads but you can bring in a targeted visitor to buy a particular product that doesn’t change.

If you have ever tried Facebook targeted traffic and you were not able to make a good income through Google Adsense, then switch your revenue model and try again.

You might see some changes.

Facebook targeted traffic is specifically for business and sales generation and not in any way compromised with Adsense clicks and revenue generation.


Have fun to explore Facebook ads!

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