Top 100 Words and Vocabularies You Need To Know


Here are some of the Common Vocabularies and words with their meaning people might be using or not every day.  Nowadays we use high-quality vocabularies to express our self and here are the Top 100 and great Vocabularies you need to know.

Now is the Time to

Top 100 vocabularies


  1. Accrue

To increase over a period of time

Example: Your benefits will accrue if you read well

  1. Accuse

To say that somebody has done wrong

Example: Rufus was accused of stealing from other students

  1. Acuity

The ability to think clearly

Example: Dele made it alive owing to his acuteness or Acuity

  1. Affinity

A strong feeling of likeness or attraction to something or somebody

Example: wax has little affinity for light


  1. Adamant

Showing that one refuses to be persuaded or change in mind

Example: Adamant Alice did not stop until she hit Beatrice

  1. Ad-lib

To speak or Act without preparation

Example: Sydney is very good at Ad-libbing

  1. Adobe

Clay that is dried in the sun for use as building materials

Example: this adobe wall must belong to our school

  1. Affable

Pleasant and friendly: Easy to talk

Example: my wife is affable and comely.

  1. Aggravate

To make a bad condition or situation worse

Example: You just aggravated the case by involving a law Court.

  1. Albeit

Although or Nevertheless

Example: I tried my best, albeit I failed to save Him.

  1. Bistro

A small Restaurant

Example: Bisi and I checked – out to a Bistro, last week.

  1. Bland

Without features that attract attention: Not interesting

Example: The National trade fare last year was Bland.

  1. Bliss

A situation of perfect Happiness

Example: What bliss! I am now a graduate

  1. Bloomer

A serious mistake

Example: He made a bit of a bloomer.

  1. Blotto

Very drunk

Example: Mullan was completely blotto on Saturday night.

  1. Boatyard

A place where boats are kept.

Example: The smallest boat at the Boatyard belongs to Daddy

  1. Bonfire

A large fire made outdoors to burn rubbish or for celebration.

Example: My school made a bonfire to burn rubbish last week.

  1. Brahmin

A Hindu of the highest caste

Example: UncleMohammed is a Brahmin.

  1. Breadbasket

An area of agricultural land that provides large amounts of food

Example: Benue state in Nigeria is a kind of a Breadbasket.

  1. Breakneck

Very fast Dangerous

Example: Snow skating is a Breakneck game.

  1. Cubicle

A small room, made by separating off part of a longer room.

Example: Samson lives in a cubicle at Bisi’s house.

  1. Cull

To kill a certain number of weaker animals in a group.

Example: Father said, the Rabbit farm must be culled today.

  1. Cupid

The Roman GOD of love

Example: the stature of Cupid is incomprehensible

  1. Cupidity

An Act of greed, especially for money or possessions

Example: the man died an untimely death due to cupidity

  1. Corrugated

Shaped in a series of regular folds

Example: the roof of my house is a corrugated type.


  1. Cosmetic

A substance for putting on the body (or face) to make it beautiful

Example: Mother does not use cosmetics

  1. Count

The title of a nobleman in countries like France and Italy

Example: until his death, John Disalo was a count.

  1. Courteous

Having or showing good manners being polite.

Example: Ralia is courteous and beautiful

  1. Cowhide

Leather made from the skin of a cow

Example: most female shoes and bags are made of cowhide.

  1. Cranny

A very small or tinny hole on a wall

Example: Lizards hide in crannies.

  1. Deadlock

A complete failure to reach an agreement or settle a dispute

Example: the peace keeping committee experienced huge deadlock.

  1. Debase

To reduce the quality, value or status of somebody or something.

Example: the principal debase Musa when she punished him.

  1. Decipher

To succeed in understanding a code or an old document.

Example: She was at the laboratory when she deciphered that code.

  1. Deem

To recognize, regard or consider someone or something

Example: I deem it fit to award you next week.

  1. Defile

To make something dirty or no longer pure.

Example: you were defiled by your misdeed.

  1. Delicate

Very carefully made or formed; fine or beautifully structured.

Example: Adama is a delicate lady.

  1. Demography

The study of the changing numbers of births death or disease.

Example: Demography is essential for a standard population census.

  1. Deplete

To greatly reduce the quality, size, power or value of something

Example: Bush burning depletes the soil of its fertility.

  1. Descent

Of family origin or ancestry.

Example: All French descent are francophone.

  1. Despoil

To rod a place of something valuable or important.

Example: Alexander the great despoiled Romania of her Gold.

  1. Essence

That which makes a thing what it is.


  1. Eugenics

The science of producing healthy, intelligent children to improve humanity.

Example: Genetics is interwoven with Eugenics

  1. Embitter

With deep feelings of disappointment, hatred, envy or regret.

Example: people are embittered by the police these days.

  1. Emerge

To come out of a place or up from the water

Example: The man emerged from behind the sun.

  1. Empire

A group of state or countries that have a single ruler or power.

Example: Hercules is a subject of the Roman empire.

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  1. Emphasis

The force of stress given to a word or group of words when spoken.

Example: I wish you can emphasis on the main ideas.

  1. Emerald

A bright green precious stone.

Example: A brooch of diamond and emerald.

  1. Emissary

A person sent to conduct negotiation between countries

Example: a Swedish emissary sent by the UN.

  1. Employ

To give work to somebody

Example: The company employs mainly women.

  1. Encourage

To give support, confidence and hope for somebody.

Example: Don’t encourage bad habit in a child.

  1. Fabulous

To be wonderful and marvellous

Example: The food is fabulous

  1. Fabric

A type of cloth

Example: This is a striped fabric

  1. Facilitate

To make something especially an action or a process.

Example: The president sent items to facilitate the mall.

  1. Fairyland:

A beautiful or magical place.

Example: A toy shop is a fair place for young children.

  1. Fame

The condition of being known or talked about by people

Example: Staying near the famed Waikiki beach.

  1. Famine

A time when there is very little food in a region.

Example: There is a famine in Ethiopia.

  1. Fan!

To admire or support somebody.

Example: I am a big fan of yours.

  1. Fanatic!

A person who is too

Enthusiastic about somebody.

Example: Emma is a fanatic.

  1. Fang

A long sharp tooth especially of a dog.

Example: The wolf bared its fangs.

  1. Fashionable

Following a style that is currently popular.

Example: It is becoming fashionable to have long hair.

  1. Gambit

An opening move in the game of chess.

Example: Dele is now to coordinate the gambit.

  1. Galore

In large quantity or plenty

Example: There is a food galore at Mama D’s Bistro.

  1. Gallup poll

A way of assessing public opinion by questioning.

Example: Conduct a Gallup poll.

  1. Garland

A circle of flowers, leaves or ribbons

Example: In need a garland in my house.

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  1. Gawp

To sjuji9khare in a rude or stupid way

Example: students gawpedthe food they received at school.

  1. Gauge

A standard measure especially of width or thickness

Example: Ensure that you gauge the tanker before leaving.

  1. Gazebo

A small building designed to give a wide view of the country

Example: Mallam Bulama is an expert at shopping in Gazebo.

  1. Gateway

A way in and out of a place that can be closed through a gate(s)

Example: Come into Nigeria through the gateway state.

  1. Gerontology

The scientific study of old age and the process of growing old

Example: Fifty students of gerontology have been awarded.

  1. Gerrymander

To fix boundaries in order to five unfair advantages

Example: political gerrymander has clouded Nigeria.

  1. Hatchback

A car with a sloping door at the back that opens upward

Example: Dr. Adesina owns a hatchback car

  1. Haute couture

The leading companies in the manufacture of fashionable clothes.

Example: Calvin Clark is one of the present Haute couture

  1. Hurl

To throw something or oneself violently in a direction

  1. Hurlyburly

Noisy, energetic and violent activity

Example: Nancy’s party was a Hurly-burly.

  1. Hurricane

A violent storm with very strong winds

Example: the western Atlantic were hit by a Hurricane

  1. Hustle

To push or move someone in a specified direction violently.

Example: Musa was Hustled out of the queue.

  1. Hyphen

A short line used to join two words together

Example: The teacher asked all students to use hyphens often

  1. Hypnosis

A state of consciousness that could be influenced negatively.

Example: He was still in Hypnosis when he made that statement.

  1. Hysterics

To be very upset and angry

Example: your mother would have Hysterics if you lie again.

  1. Hypothermia

A dangerous health condition due to a very low body temperature


  1. Idea

A plan formed by thinking

Example: I have an idea what’s about to happen

  1. Idiom

The style of writing art of music in association to seasons or periods

Example:  Make an Idiom to suit this season.

  1. Identikit

A set of pictures of different features fitted to form sb. face

Example: I had an identikit of Michael Jackson’s face.

  1. Idiocy

A state of extreme stupidity

Example: consider this as a height of the level of idiocy.

  1. Illustrious

Very well known, admired and respected

Example: David Beckham is an illustrious English footballer.


  1. Immediate

Happening or done at once

Example: Please send me an immediate reply

  1. Immortal

Living forever, never dying

Example: The soul is immortal

  1. Impede

To delay or stop the progress of somebody or something

Example: President Buhari impedes imports to Nigeria.

  1. Implant

To insert tissues: To introduce of fix ideas

Example: This concept was implanted by Rev. Francis Uduak

  1. Imperial

Something or somebody belonging to royalty or an Empire

Example: A imperial guard was dismissed last night.

  1. Juncture

A particular important stage in a series of Events

Example: At this juncture, I present to you my love.

  1. Junta

A group of military officers, brought into power by force

Example: The coup, brought a military Junta into power.

  1. Jurisprudence

The science of philosophy of law

Example: meet the most famous professor of Jurisprudence.

  1. Jut

To extend outwards beyond the normal line of something

Example: the nose of piccohhio Jut-out after the fatal accident

  1. Juxtapose

To place people or things next to each other to show contrast

Example: The governor Juxtaposed the state Museum to our cathedral

  1. Juvenile

A young person who is yet to be an adult

Example: Owing to his Juvenile form, Emma is always playful.

  1. Jowl

The lower part of the face

Example: I saw a man with a heavy Jowl

  1. Journeyman

A trained worker, who works for an employer

Example: Merrylyn is a Journeyman to Fedex enterprise

  1. Judder

To shake violently

Example: Do not judder the crate or else, some bottles may break.

  1. Juggle

To throw a set of objects up into the air and catch them repeatedly

Example: The man at the amusement park Juggles a lot.


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