The Bitter And Honest Truth About Blogging (What You Should Know Before Saying Blogging Doesn’t Pay)

First of all I wish to point out the sordid attitudes of webmasters and other bloggers who help others build their business online (create a blog/Website).

These said webmasters just to enrich their own pockets Drive newbies into the illusion that once you joined the blogosphere you will hit millions in months.

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Permit me to say this “its a big fat lie”.

Before you startup a website/blog with the sole aim of making money through it, then you have to really consider spending almost three years of your career penniless as you will engage with building your brand in the blogosphere.

Several of us (bloggers) think and see those we learnt from as rich and equal to task and we wished to be like them in two months or less prior to the time we started blogging under their surveillance.

Often times we get baffled when we get told how much bloggers make monthly without any solid proof of it but just words.

I am sorry to say this but its true, “the said bloggers still do not know the truth about what they took as their career”.

There are several truths to blogging but…

Since making cash online is the basic reason for blogging, why don’t we concern ourselves with the truth about making money with blogging.

The Truth With Money Making In Blogging

. Making money blogging takes time and commitment

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Making money with blogging takes a hell of time to be accomplished maybe two years or three years but the issue we all have is trying to become our mentors who earn several dollars monthly in just months.

Sometimes making money blogging isn’t too hard depending on the approach given to it and also how deep pocketed you are as a blogger.

Bloggers with deep pocket go into advertising in order to make their website content come up in first page of google search results and through this a website can leverage a good number of audience considering the bid on the keyword is high enough to bring you into google, bing, yandex or any other search engine first page.

. Blogging should take your passion and obsession and not forced

I believe this isn’t the first time you’re hearing this from any website.

Bloggers who follow their passion often end up with making a living out of their choices but if you seem to do what your friend just does or you ventured into the platform with the sole aim of making money through it and not relating your passion and telling your readers deliberately what you know, you may find it extremely hard to survive in the blogosphere.

It is often being said in a popular proverb that “When you love what you do, you can make a living out of it”.

So I say, when a blogger happened to love what he does as a blogger, he will find it easier to withold his trial times even if he is not earning anything yet but a blogger who based his idea in making money immediately will equally loose the enthusiasm to continue once the money isn’t coming immediately.

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“I built a blog that fetches me 3 figures monthly within 3-Solid -Years”.

. If you want to monetize with google Adsense then choose a very high CPC niche eg webmaster, technology or finance

Notwithstanding how true the assertion about blogging as a result of passion and not conviction, it is still of utmost importance that you choose your website niche very very carefully once you’re planning to use google Adsense to monetize.

It could prove very poor of you to choose a niche that doesn’t pay well on Adsense and think you’re on the right track by following your passion.

Hell No.

Gone are days when little bloggers are in the blogosphere. This idea should prompt you to know what you should first do before you start off your journey as a blogger hoping to make a living through writing.

Else you plan to endorse other means of monetization far from Adsense, niche selection is a very critical matter to deal with.

. Blogging is a diversified platform for earning. Do not make it singular

Several webmasters always warned that we shouldn’t try making money through one medium in our websites only eg Adsense. It is advised we have more than one medium that fetches us income through our blog daily, weekly and monthly far from one source.

“What if I told you that this assertion is truth?”

Yes it is true and we listed it here. Blogging has to be a diversified avenue for making money other than making it a single priority. There are several other monetization means to use to make money using a website apart from Adsense.

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  • Take a look at this list….
  •  Content marketing
  •  Direct advertising
  •  Affiliate marketing
  •  Promotions
  •  Taking up freelance through your website
  •  Offering visual classes online through your website
  •  Selling ads space to advertisers using BUYSELLADS
  •  Using CPC affiliate marketing links and banners on your website

. Blogging is finally what you make it deliberately

There are several views to blogging which ranges from what we see it as and what it actually means.

There are notable people we know and hear of who uses their websites to attain their feat which is one thing of a kind.

These webmasters deliberately made blogging a money making machine for themselves and several other bloggers still do not make even a penny through the platform as a result of what they actually made of it.

Bloggers who make money blogging called it a business and those who didn’t do so just made it visit.

Then I say

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Blogging is really a way to make money for those who called it a business and also understood the protocols involved with making money blogging. Several others do fall into the ditch trying to maneuver their way to make money with the said platform.

It takes time to really do this and to get on top of your niche as an authority, it doesn’t come in days, weeks or months but rather in years of exquisite experience and practice.

Keep up with this and you keep up with the system, I wouldn’t certify you will not earn better than I do.

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