Seven Reasons Why The Body Smell

Body odour occurs when an unpleasant smell produced by bacteria on the skin breaks down the acids in sweat. The medical term for this is bromhidrosis.

Body odour becomes pronounced when at puberty age-appropriate measures are not taken to combat it.

Although sweat is odourless generally when the salt level in the sweat is too high for the bacteria present to break down that is when the odour comes about.


Reasons for body odour

  1. Medication: There are medications that affect the scent of the body. You can speak to your doctor to find out if any medicine you are using has side effects that affect your body scent.
  2. Stress: The body as different ways of reacting to stress and the smallest of sweat happens when you are under stress.
[] Body Odour and Smell

[] Body Odour and Smell

Sweat is usually odourless but when it mixes with the bacteria that normally live on the skin, the bacteria then breakdown the components of the sweat and thereby produce metabolites that give off the pungent body odour.


  1. Genetics: Genetic makeup is also believed to play a role in a person having offensive body odour.
  2. Health Condition: Generally, odour maybe a way the body gives an advance warning of its state of health. If you notice that your body smell has changed lately, then go check it up.

Bacteria overgrowth of the skin can also lead to body odour as there are more bacteria to attack the sweat your body produces.

Remedy – Keep your skin clean by bathing regularly, wear breathable fabrics to allow your skin to stay cool and less sweaty.

  1. Long Practice of eating spicy food: Spicy foods like garlic, curry or any other spices release sulfur in gases when the body metabolic process breaks down, the food material. When this happens, the smelly gases are then released through the persons’ pores.

Remedy: Drink plenty of water and take shower regularly especially after you have eaten and also use decodorant.

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  1. Obesity: There is a high probability that being overweight may make a person have a worse case of body odour. For an overweight person, additional exertion required for all tasks produced a resultant effect that increases the level of sweating. Also, sweat may be stuck in the skin fold. When this happens that side of the skin won’t get enough air and this would give bacteria a chance to thrive and cause body odour.
  2. Alcohol: The body treats alcohol as toxic and so it tends to break it down and excrete it as quickly as possible. According to Readers Digest, most of the alcohol is metabolized in the liver and excreted from the body in urine. But if you drink more than the liver can process or if the liver is damaged, some will be excreted via breath and sweat and that lead to foul body odour.

Remedy: Try drinking at a slower pace, or alternating a glass of water or other nonalcoholic beverages between each alcoholic drink. Also, put on fresh clothes and having a long soapy shower after drinking helps too.



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