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WhatsApp messenger is at it again, they have added yet another feature to it’s WhatsApp messenger app. I am quite sure you all gonna love this feature.

If there is any feature users have been anticipating then it should be the voice message feature, we all know before WhatsApp unveiled this feature we ain’t able to listen our voice record before sending them and again every incoming will automatically disconnected the voice recording.

WhatsApp has made few changes on the latest WhatsApp version for IOS that fixes the two bugs. You can listen to your voice recording before sending them to one another. And any incoming call you received while recording voice message would not longer be terminated but it will be saved.

How Does Works?

While you are recording a voice message and at the same time one of these below stuffs happens.

  • You received WhatsApp or (system call)
  • You are listening to a voice record
  • You closed your WhatsApp app
  • Your battery is low
  • You view an image, video or album
  • You want to forward/delete a message or you change a chat/selection

How Do I Get This update On IOS?

You can get this feature by updating your WhatsApp to the recent version which is version 2.18.10. That’s it.

Note: this update is only available for IOS users for now, though we hopping that this update will be available to Android users anytime soon.

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